Bridesmaid Dresses in The Past Times and The Matching Hairstyles

Bridesmaid dresses uk in various styles and colors can be choosen from this site. The artcle in the following tells you the changes in bridesmaid dresses styles over the past years.

50s Styles

Several styles from the 1950s overlapped with 1960s fashion. Consider all fashion from this era by looking at wedding attire from the late 50s as well.

60s Style

Dress fashion in the 1960s concentrated on short dresses, classy gloves and pearls. In the early 60s, dresses were curve-hugging and tight to emphasize an hourglass figure. By the mid-60s, the slimming empire line had replaced the skintight silhouette. Dresses had sleeves or straps, because bare arms were not meant for a church. To channel European fashion, go for an off-the-shoulder neckline, which was popular in Paris circa the 1960s. In general, 60s necklines were modest.

A-Line and Empire Line

The A-line cut is a classic 1960s dress style and was worn to formal events including weddings. The A-line cut's signature was a fitted top with a flared bottom, literally resembling a capital letter "A." The empire waist cinches just below the bust. The skirt portion of the dress begins to flare out at the thigh. Details can be added to the waist, bodice or hem, such as a ribbon, sash or lace. A small bow can even be added to the neckline. This feminine, flirty style can be made from almost any fabric in any color. The empire pink bridesmaid dresses uk line had the same empire waist as the A-line, but in contrast, the skirt was long and skimmed the body instead of flaring out. Both the A-line cut and the empire line had a fitted top, or bodice.


Choose a dress that your bridesmaids will want to wear again to a formal event. You'll also want the dress to flatter your bridesmaids' body types; either choose a universally flattering cut, such as the A-line style, or vary styles by person. If you're having an outdoor wedding, avoid the A-line yellow bridesmaid dresses in various style is perfect for your fall weddings, which can easily blow up if the flared skirt catches a gust of wind.

Half Updo

Set the entire head of hair in hot rollers. Spray each roller with spray gel or hair spray. Let the rollers cool, then remove the rollers. Do not brush, comb or fluff the hair. Gather the sides of the hair around each temple and pull to the back of the head. Make one ponytail (two adjacent ponytails if hair is very voluminous). Tease the hair at the base of the ponytail to create volume for the bun. Pin the hair in the ponytail into a loose bun by pinning ringlets all the way around the ponytail holder. half updoes will balance well with short bridesmaid dresses, or long length.

Twisted Bun

Using a comb, part the hair in the middle. Spray the hair with a thickening lotion to hold the shape. Gather all of the hair together and twist the hair several times to twist the length of the hair. Wrap the twist into a tight bun at the nape of neck. Pin the bun using bobby pins. If desired, pull out a few wisps of hair in the front to frame the face.

Spaghetti Strap Bridesmaid Dresses make its presence in the current fashion industry. In the past, you can not find it.