The Hottest Bridesmaid Dresses Styles that Never Go Out of Trends

Unless you and/or your bridesmaids have unlimited funds, you want to consider the price tag on the dresses before choosing them. If you have decided that you will pay, then make sure that you can fit them into your budget. Remember that you need to multiple the price of the dress by the number of bridesmaids dresses so even a small increase in price will be magnified. If you will be asking your bridesmaids to pay for the gowns, then you will want to be careful. A lot of people are struggling financially. Some may even need to turn down the role if they cannot afford the dress. Definitely consider their situations when making your choice.

A lot of the fancy dresses for homecoming, prom and special events can work as cheap bridesmaid dresses. You will just need to make sure that you can get them in the sizes that you require.

One unique thing about this line is the inclusion of skin lightening products, which include Lip Balancer and Vantex Skin Bleaching Cream. At $15.00, Fashion Fair’s Lip Balancer claims to “help neutralize and balance ‘lighter’ or ‘pink’ lips. Ringing up at $25.00, Vantex Skin Bleaching Cream is a bit more costly. Recommended for all skin types, the cream is more of a chemical exfoliate than an actual skin bleach agent. Over time, it works to fade blemishes and age spots.

Rivaling similar economy brands such as Maybelline and Covergirl, Fashion Fair offers a full line of powders, concealers, foundations, and colors.

Grey bridesmaids dresses can literally take months to arrive. The stores may special order each one. You do not want to pick one out only to realize that it cannot get there in time. You can call the local stores to ask how long the dresses from a particular designer take to come in. Remember that you will also need to


These items cost between $22.00 and $22.50, and are available in both Regular and Oil Control versions, in loose powder and compact form. Available in eleven colors with names from “sable” to “kola”, it becomes evident how friendly this line is to women of color compared to the aforementioned brands, which offer no more than two shades devoted to darker skin tones.


At $26, the most costly Fashion Fair product is its Fast Finish Foundation. Available in a tube similar to that of lipsticks, it dries to powder once applied to the skin. Fast Finish Foundation comes in twelve shades. Additional foundations are also available in Regular and Oil-Free variations in both powder and liquid forms.


One has the choice of either True Finish, a blend-it-yourself powder concealer that comes with three different colors in a compact, and an on-the-go tube concealer that is available for purchase in four different colors. Both costing $16.50, one’s selection inevitably depends on how quickly her life is paced.


Including lipstick, blush and eye shadow, Fashion Fair’s vibrantly hued finishing touches have been engineered to show up on even the darkest skin tones. One product of particular note is Lip Teaser, a super-shine lip gloss available in colors ranging from clear to maroon.

Fashion veteran Oscar de la Renta continued his reign as the master of style and elegance with presentations ranging from ultra-feminine chic designs, to romantic and flirty styles. A combination of pretty monochromatic jewel colors and neutral tones graced the catwalk with undeniable charm. These hues were the order of the day as fabulous gowns were complemented by intricate crochets, openwork lace styles and semi-sheer floral applique crop tops. Shiny Short Bridesmaid Dresses parachute skirts, floor length/ sweeping gowns and slinky evening dresses also stole the show. When shown in soft-textured fabrics with luscious sheen, and embellished with flirty fringe elements; the perfect accents for night-time glam were beautifully displayed. The 70’s blowout hair was also in full effect, as free-flying tresses helped to complete clean and fresh-faced, ‘sunkissed’ looks in classic style.

Some styles are more or less flattering depending on the body type of the woman wearing them. Consider this when selecting the style.

Some women choose to coordinate the bridesmaid gowns with the wedding color, theme or their own dress. Also you may want to bring your bridesmaids with you when shopping. Use these and the above tips for a good and successful experience.

For spring and summer 2012 the latest fashion trends are predicted to be ripe with bright color, full of pretty textures and rich with minimalist/sassy style. There will also be a variety of eye-catching floral patterns and varying hemline lengths that beautifully highlight the legs, while simultaneously adding interest to the female form. With a plethora of fashionable designs to choose from, every fashion lover will be able to effortlessly update or change their look into whatever style that they want. Whether it be a bold and exuberant design, or a minimal and chic look; there won’t be any lack of fabulous and fashion-forward styles to choose from. A-Line Bridesmaid Dresses will be ok for any women with any body types.