Connecting Your Real Situations with The Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

Examine the bridesmaid dress you have selected. You're looking at the color, shape and fabric. What color is the dress? Do you have more than one color in your wedding? If you do, incorporate one or both of those colors in the sash. You can also use either black or white. One of the two will look good with every color. What is a truly beautiful pairing is a black dress featuring a sash in one of the wedding colors.

Pleated Chiffon Straps Sweetheart Neck Bridesmaid Dress MFS367 GBP £91.84

Think about the shape. How wide is the waist of the dress? Is it a straight dress? An A-line dress? An empire waist? A straight dress can accommodate any width of sash as it has no true defined waistline. An A-line pink bridesmaid  dresses uk requires a thinner sash. An empire waist can look great with a very thin, ribbon-like sash or a wide satin type of sash.

Chiffon Key-hole Halter Neckline Bridesmaid Dress MFS388 GBP £91.8

Examine the fabric. If the dress is lace, a satin sash will look stunning since it will make the sash stand out and dress up the lace even more. If the dress is satin, you can use a satin sash for a more formal look or use a wired chiffon sash for a slightly more informal look.

Shopping for sashes: When you go out to shop for the sashes, or the fabric for them (if you are having them made), keep an open mind. You might find a great ribbon that works better than the satin sash that you'd imagined. You also might discover that a color you hadn't considered looks amazing with the white bridesmaid dress.

Sweetheart Neck Knee Length Taffeta Bridesmaid Dress MFS370 GBP £79.60

Try to be budget-conscious when picking out bridesmaid dresses. It's expensive to be in a wedding and you wouldn't want to put one of your bridesmaids in a situation where she feels strapped for cash. Besides the dress, bridesmaids have to pay for hair, makeup, shoes, travel, a shower gift, and a wedding gift. Try to keep the sweetheart bridesmaid dresses you pick to under $250. (No matter what you think of the dress it probably won't get worn more than just this once!)

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Since everyone is built differently you may want to allow your bridesmaids to choose from different dresses in the same color and designer line. Many lines offer two piece or mix and match gowns. Girls with larger chests may feel more comfortable in something different than a bridesmaid who is smaller chested. Many lines offer sweetheart necklines, strapless, and v-neck all in the same material. Be mindful though if all the bridesmaids picks the same top except one it may look a little odd, especially if she is not the maid of honor.

These days bridal parties are spread out all over the country. Make it easy for your A-line bridesmaid dresses and choose a dress from a national bridal chain store such as David's Bridal or Jessica McClintock. This way the bride can register their dress selection at one store, but each bridesmaid can order her dress at a local store. You, the bride, won't have to worry about collecting money, taking order, ordering the wrong size, and distributing dresses.

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Some brides offer to pay for their maids' dresses, and while that is a very generous and appreciated gesture, it really isn't realistic in the current economic climate. If they are able to, see if your bridesmaids will purchase their dresses themselves. If they want to spend hundreds of dollars on a designer gown, then that is their prerogative and it won't set you back a penny!

This is what I am doing for my wedding: I am telling my bridesmaids to find a black dress in any style they want, and a white sash in any style they want. While this will give them a somewhat uniform look, it will still let them find something they really love and allow them to be themselves. If you have concerns over what your bridesmaids may choose (for instance, if one of them is all about the va-va-voom and you are having a conservative wedding), then give them some guidelines. Otherwise, allow them the freedom to select their own dresses.

Forget getting the knee-length bridesmaid dresses from bridal stores and having them altered to fit. This can be unbelievably expensive and unnecessary! Stores like J. Crew, for example, have stunning bridesmaids dresses in an array of styles and colors, and you are far less likely to need much in the way of alterations with these. Also check out department stores and local boutiques to see what they have to offer. You never know what you will find in unlikely places. My friend's beach wedding included one bridesmaid who found a pretty sundress at Old Navy for under $40!

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